\#car- (make, build; see MAKE for various attested forms of this verb); NOT DO \#um- (cited in the form umin "I do not", 1st pers. aorist; also short uin) (pa.t. úmë, not to be confused with a noun meaning "collection, crowd"). This verb is also used = "not be", see BE concerning this and other verbs for “not do, not be”. DO NOT! (imperative) vá! (also = I will not); DON'T áva, avá, alalyë (the last form incorporates the ending -lyë "thou", hence "do not thou [do something]") DON'T DO IT! áva carë! SET VIGOROUSLY OUT TO DO horya- (be compelled to do something, have an impulse) DO BACK ahtar- or accar- (react; requite, avenge) –KAR, UGU/UMU, WJ:371, VT44:8, VT45:22, PE17:166

Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya). 2014.


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